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4 Lakes Middleton and Madison Driving Schools: Adult and Teen Driving School


What Makes 4 Lakes Driving Schools Popular?

Here at 4 Lakes driving schools, we offer teen driving school, training for adult drivers.  Whether you are nervous about driving, need a refresher driver's course, or are simply experienced and want to be sure you're successful at driving, we can help with training 7 days a week. We can pick you up at work, school, or home. Our driving instructors are helpful and excellent at knowledge transfer. New classes start frequently so talk to us about your needs and we can help you get enrolled, getting you closer to becoming a licensed driver.

Driver Safety Class Makes a Difference!

Teen and adult drivers ed makes a difference; that's why insurance companies offer a discount to those who have had training. Many insurance companies consider certificates to be equivalent to several years of experience driving.  Driver education can help you avoid common new driver errors that lead to tickets, and that lead to accidents.

Driver's Education for All Ages.

Many parents have made teen driving school graduation mandatory for their teens to be allowed to drive their vehicle. Not only are there the rules of the road to learn but there are additional techniques taught by driving schools, too, that help you learn techniques for driving in bad Wisconsin weather as well as night driving and more.

Not All Student Driving Schools are Equal.

Whether you are looking for driving school for adult drivers or for teen driving school, 4 Lakes has been serving the community for nearly half a century and has an excellent reputation.

Enroll in Failure to Yield Classes.

4 Lakes also offers failure to yield classes, too. Contact us to enroll in failure to yield class in Middleton or Madison.  Do you have questions about driver's education?  Are you comparing driver's education pricing?  Would you like to talk to us about your specific situation?  Contact us to learn more or enroll in one of the 4 Lakes drivers education courses here.


Motorist's Handbook

Failure to Yield / Point Reduction

4 Lakes now offers the Right of Way / Failure to Yield Course.  This program is offered Monday – Friday.  4 Lakes is certified and licensed by the State of Wisconsin to conduct this course. This course requires 2 hours of classroom instruction. Below is the curriculum that will be taught during the classroom...


4 Lakes Graduate

Teenage Driving Program

Our experienced driving instructors will teach you how to be a safe and courteous driver. New classes start every month.  Get started now toward getting your license...


4 Lakes Adult Classes

Adult Driving Program

For the nervous student, first time driver, or the experienced driver needing a Wisconsin license, our instructors will give you the confidence you need to safely get behind the wheel. Private instruction is available 7 days a week. Get started now  toward getting your license.


Are you looking for driving schools in Middleton or Madison?
We can help!


Driving is a life skill that isn't just helpful but it's often essential. The right training can not only save on your insurance but it can help you stay safe, too.

Here at 4 Lakes, we serve the Middleton and Madison, Wisconsin areas with drivers education that will prepare you for driving in a safe, proactive, and quick-reacting way.



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2013 Award 

2013 Madison Award for
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